Registration is OPEN!!!!

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           We are waiting for tango dancers to join us for the autumn tango marathon in Riga, where we will embrace our friends,
       dance on golden leaves and get to know new people.  
       Together we will have a tango festival on the second weekend of October.
       See you in Riga in October, on the 9 th to 12 th


  1. A Tango Festival for friends and friends of friends, and we will be happy if friends of your friends will tell our news to their tango communities, because it will make our festival together much more lively. Our motto is ONE EMBRACE FOR ALL. That means - no matter what kind of embrace or style of tango you prefer, if you respect your colleagues on the dance floor and tango music - you are welcome!
  2. A Marathon is a festival of music and DJs,and we believe that if one DJ is good, two DJs are always twice as good! Of course, not everybody will accept that kind of experiment -it is more difficult, impossible to use pre-prepared play lists and you have to be VERY concentrated on the mood of the milonga. On the other hand, there is twice as much drive and the joy of absolutely unexpected decisions is guaranteed all the time. In other words, tandem DJs  is jazz by DJs, a duet to make harmony for an excellent atmosphere!
    During each night, two tandem DJs and music men will vie for your attention , don't miss them! And, during the day milongas, you will enjoy the "singing" duets of DJ-girls!  
  3. The huge dance hall allows us the luxury not to think about limits for participants, but we would still appreciate it to have your pre-registration so that we can check the gender balance, as well as to calculate the required quantity of refreshment each night.
    Registration starts on May, 15 by email: info@tangomarathon.lv   

     The organizer of the marathon - Argentine tango school HiTango (www.hitango.lv)

Riga as your tango trip destination:

Tango has happily been alive in Riga for more than 10 years; however the last 3-5 years can be considered the most significant in forming today's Latvian tango society.  Here you can meet dancers from the most diverse tango streams - from ultra conservative to fusion, peacefully getting along on one dance floor and respecting each others space. In Riga in the city center milonga takes place practically every day, on Fridays and twice on Saturdays. 
Lately, work upon the tango technique and the sense of tango has been done in Riga under the supervision of the most significant tango pairs of the world,  including Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez (2011, Riga Tango Fiesta), Christian Marqes and Virginia Gomez (2012, Riga Tango Fiesta), Riccardo Barrios and Laura Melo (2010, Tango Sun Festival; 2011), Adrian Veredice and Alejandra Hobert (2008, Tango Sun Festival), Sebastian Jimenez and Maria Bogado (2013, RTF), Sabrina and Ruben Veliz (2013) and many more. The tango society of Riga is the biggest in the Baltic countries and we are always happy to see our friends from Lithuania and Estonia, as representatives of tango society from Liepaja, the Latvian harbor city. 

What else you can see in Riga?
Riga-the capital of Latvia and the largest city in the Baltics, which rests on both sides of the Daugava river, near the mouth of the Riga bay.
Riga had been a Hanseatic city for a long time, and is home to a lot of different styles of architecture - from medieval, which is represented by Old town, to contemporary styles. Riga was the largest port and one of the most important industrial, commercial and cultural centers of the Russian Empire. The historic centre of Riga was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. You can find one-size-fits-all entertainment here, among the shadows of lindens, various cafes and amber stalls. Autumn in Riga is very charmant and a rustle of fall leaves is good as for memories, as well as for  dreams.