9.10. Thu  
21:00-01:00 early birds milonga*** Michael Naumov (Russia, Yekaterinburg) & Janis Bechs (Latvia)
10.10. Friday  
21:00-04:00  Tangomarathon* Anastasiya Pomogaeva (DJ Radistka Cat, Russia) & Elena Viktorova (Latvia)
11.10. Saturday  
13:00-19:00 Tangomarathon** Justyna Jedrzejewska (Poland) & Paulina Policzkiewicz-Wozniak (Poland)
21:00-04:00  Tangomarathon* Dmitry Viktorov (Latvia) & Yury Cherenkov (Ukraine)
12.10. Sunday  
13:00-19:00 Tangomarathon** Olga Mahno (Lithuania) & Jani Keinanen(Finland)
20:00-01:00 Marathon closing milonga* Andrzej Bernas (Poland) &  Igoris Saburov (Lithuania)
*† Nights milongas will take place in the Culture and sport centre "HiCentrs", Riga, Maskavas 1, 3rd floor. This is a place, which is† beloved by Riga tangueros, salseros, kizomberos and other social dancers in the last 8 years regular.
An excellent big hall (210 m2) with the best wooden dance floor in Riga, mirrors, wardrobes for men and women with showers, WI-FI. www.hicentrs.lv
**†† Day milongas will take place in the† original and cosy space of the restaurant ДDarzsФ, Riga, Maskavas 4. The restaurant is located just opposite the HiCentrs, it spreads over three floors of an 18th century building. On the ground floor stands a small bar, second floor with oak floor holds a cosy and comfortable restaurant. A friendly, relaxing atmosphere where everybody's welcome and special tango menu for festivalito time bring people together to enjoy food and conversation.†
†*** We like to anounce the place for our PRE-MARATHON MILONGA - the creative art-cafe "DALI" in the quarter Spikieri, Maskavas str.12, k.1! The mood of tango will make TDJ tandem of Michael Naumov (Russia) and†Janis Becs†(Latvia) and excellent coffee - by masters of art-cafe!
To milonga we welcome everybody, with- or without pre-registration. *Milonga is included in the price of full marathon package.